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Introducing the  

Rockkiosk's published concept kiosk's are made to demonstrate multiple accents of design elements that can be applied to a kiosk. Concepts present possibilities that a single type of stone with varied finishes applied can have. The contrast can be enhanced further with different colors of same type of stone, or combining multiple stone types and accent materials.

Flexibility as a matter of principle

The design of a Rockkiosk is not limited to any single shape or form; profile of a kiosk can reflect a shape of a specific building, logo or landscape, or detail there of. Also the input devices as well as different readers, printers and security devices can be combined to meet the project requirements. Recent rockkiosk concept combines a custom made solid glass keyboard and a touchscreen for enhanced user experience.

Highlight piece

Obtaining a kiosk which truly stands out of the "usual", begins with filling the contact form at this site. We do match all customer wishes regards to specs, so please provide us with as much information as possible.

Customer specific designs are created together with client´s architects and Our design team. The process can vary from a single given form, or shape, that will be taken as basis for kiosk design; to almost ready CAD from architect, latter often though going thru some adjustments to match the material requirements.

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