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Changing the face of kiosk systems

Stone is the favourite building and interior finishing material in ancient, old and modern architecture. Rockkiosk's vision to manufacture kiosks from solid stone provides an optimal fit to interiors where metal as material stands out, especially in historical buildings.

Massive, Modern, Traditional, Filigran

Matching the design, materials and finishing to built surroundings, while respecting the typical characteristics of the stone type used, are the ingredients for a perfect result.

Secure by nature

Stone offers an array of advantages also in physical security - an important issue in kiosk deployment - from floor anchoring to tamper protection. Both indoor and outdoor applications are easy to create from material point of view.

Not only benefits, stone as material does set certain limitations for freedom of design. Every type of stone does require itīs specific manufacturing solutions applied to create a kiosk that works reliably in everyday use. Understanding the limitations and ablity to adjust to those is The vital part in carving a kiosk out of stone. We can match the design characteristics of a kiosk, (shape, weight, etc.), to match to the physical requirements of the deployment site such as high risers.

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